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CFO Email list


Reach 20 000 CFO’s directly via this validated e-mail list and get started with your business immediately! You can buy the register directly online and download your email addresses after payment has been made.

The email database “Email list for CFO’s” is continuously updated and contains e-mail addresses to 20 000 CFO’s.

In addition to email addresses, you get a lot of other useful information that you can use to process your target group. Exactly which data is included is specified below.


Buy 20 000 email addresses to CFO’s

Obtain an extensive directory of chief financial officers after downloading our pre-built CFO contact list. Pull names, numbers, emails, and more, and network within minutes. Our accurate CFO email list is the perfect tool for an effective B2B campaign!

This email register is continuously updated and we promise a quality guarantee of at least 95% active email addresses in each order. However, we often achieve much higher results due to our routines around updating, but if your delivery should contain more than 5% incorrect email addresses, you will either get money back or credits to shop for.

This email list is delivered as an excel file with the following columns, which enables easy sorting on the desired parameters:

  • Company name
  • Postal address
  • ZIP code
  • Postal area
  • Office address
  • Office ZIP code
  • Office area
  • Telephone number (to switchboard)
  • Registration number
  • Industry Code (SNI)
  • Turnover
  • Number of employees
  • CFO name
  • Personal email to the CFO


Chief financial officers (CFOs) are very influential in many companies and corporations, with responsibility for all of the financial affairs of their institution. They are senior, C-level executives who often sit on a company’s board and manage large-scale, sweeping changes within the business. If you want to market to a group who is directly involved in making major decisions, then definitely pull this expansive and accurate CFO email database.

This pre-built list of high-quality sales leads is comprised of CFOs and contains not only email addresses, but other means of contact, like phone and fax numbers. Using our affordable CFO mailing list, you can email leads effectively, marketing your accounting services, useful reporting software solution, or other finance-related product to a group who has power and influence to make choices that affect your business. This is also a great list for building strong B2B relationships with top-level executives at major companies. Buy this targeted CFO list if you want to pull the contact information of CFOs across industries and companies with office 365 version as optional.

Our CFO email list gives you access to information about these financial leaders, including direct phone numbers and emails, so you can begin building relationships immediately. With this tool at your disposal, you can reach financial decision-makers quickly and easily—making it easier than ever to launch a successful B2B campaign. We are constantly updating our CFO contact list so that you have access to the most current information available on financial decision-makers. We want to help your business succeed, which is why we are proud to offer a high-quality product with up-to-date information.

Whether you’re hoping to connect with CFOs from all over the country, or from a select group of businesses and industries, has the solution for you. Our accurate and up-to-date CFO email list offers you an opportunity to reach out to any CFO in the country, helping you tailor your marketing strategy and target your audience in any way you can imagine. The best part is that it’s already been verified! Simply download it and start networking immediately.

Our CFO email list is the best you’ll find on the web. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all that’s left for you to do is download and use our extensive directory of chief financial officers in an instant. No more hours of research and no more long wait times—now you can pull names, numbers, emails, and more from our CFO email database and network within minutes. If you want to run a successful B2B campaign, a targeted email list like this one is the perfect tool for you.

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