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CEO Email list


Reach 50 717 CEO’s directly via this validated e-mail list and get started with your business immediately! You can buy the register directly online and download your email addresses after payment has been made.

The email database “Email list for CEO’s” is continuously updated and contains e-mail addresses to 50 717 CEO’s.

In addition to email addresses, you get a lot of other useful information that you can use to process your target group. Exactly which data is included is specified below.


Buy 50 717 email addresses to CEO’s

This email register is continuously updated and we promise a quality guarantee of at least 95% active email addresses in each order. However, we often achieve much higher results due to our routines around updating, but if your delivery should contain more than 5% incorrect email addresses, you will either get money back or credits to shop for.

This email list is delivered as an excel file with the following columns, which enables easy sorting on the desired parameters:

  • Company name
  • Postal address
  • ZIP code
  • Postal area
  • Office address
  • Office ZIP code
  • Office area
  • Telephone number (to switchboard)
  • Registration number
  • Industry Code (SNI)
  • Turnover
  • Number of employees
  • CEO name
  • Personal email to the CEO


Chief executive officers (CEOs) are the most important people in a company. They lead, manage, coordinate, and are responsible for big managerial decisions. If you want to network with the people who have the power and authority to actually make important decisions, then this premium CEO email list is for you. It’s simply how to contact CEOs with direct marketing. Too often, smaller companies and start-ups are forced to talk with people who don’t have the power to make changes. If you want your business-to-business (B2B) marketing campaign to be successful, you need an accurate, targeted list of actionable sales leads. These heads of companies are the people to talk to; they can make changes and initiate key business relationships.

With this CEO mailing list, you can select the right CEOs that fit your ideal buyer persona. You can reach the most successful business leaders in the world and make them interested in your products or services. It’s easy to target the exact CEOs that you want to reach with our CEO email database, which is updated regularly and contains accurate, verified data that is guaranteed. If you’re looking for a CEO mailing list, this one is unique in the fact that it can be customized for any industry. Want to reach CEOs in the tech industry? No problem. What about retail? That’s easy too. What about manufacturing? We have that covered as well! Any business from financial services to healthcare can leverage this database of CEOs.

Our CEO business contact list is not only one of the most comprehensive databases you’ll find anywhere, but it’s also one of the most trusted. We don’t just scrape data from random websites but we create our CEO contact list by pulling information from trusted public sources, like company annual reports and SEC filings. Then we cross-check the business contact data with other sources to give you the most complete and accurate names, emails, phone numbers, and more that you can’t find anywhere.

Get access to this invaluable resource with just a few clicks. Once you’ve purchased the CEO email list, you can download it in its entirety as a CSV file within minutes. Each file contains complete details about each CEO’s personal and professional life. Your marketing team can use these lists immediately as they come. All you need to do is add them to your CRM or email software and start connecting. Our B2B CEO marketing lists work well with any CRM system, so we won’t slow down your process when you choose us as a partner.

In this ready-to-download contact list, you can find an organized directory of CEO phone numbers, emails, and names across companies and institutions. offers this verified CEO database at an amazingly affordable price while still maintaining accuracy. Use our targeted lists to contact leads who also happen to be the most important group of leaders in the corporate world.

With this pre-built CEO mailing list, your marketing efforts will be more effective because you’ll be connecting with businesses’ top decision-makers, especially if you identify your target market. Buy our real, valuable sales leads and find CEO email addresses online right now, or continue to narrow your audience to your industry or area with our list-builder tool. Connect with real decision-makers by reaching to the top of the corporate ladder. Pull a list of CEO email addresses today!