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About SUPEReROI (the Company), our website and this privacy policy

This website is owned and operated by (the Company).

This privacy policy is linked at the bottom of the websites that the Company operates. Please note that the terms of the privacy policy may change over time. You should therefore read these terms and conditions at regular intervals.

The company complies with all the laws and regulations, including the Personal Data Act (1998: 204) (PUL), which exist to protect the privacy of private individuals. If you register for services provided via our websites, order materials, purchase products such as company information or the like, your personal information is stored so that we can satisfy such services and purchases. Read more detailed information below under the section Personal information.

Copyright and trademarks

All content, regardless of form on the Company’s web pages, is copyrighted. This means that all content in the form of, for example, various types of texts, films, articles, reports, audio loops, radio broadcasts, trademarks, graphics and illustrations is legally protected under the Copyright Act (1960: 729) and trademark law (1960: 644 ) unless otherwise stated.

The material published via the Company’s web pages is the Company’s property or property belonging to third parties with whom the Company cooperates. The material may not be used by you in addition to what is required for the use of the websites in accordance with the applicable terms. You are thus not entitled to copy, distribute, forward or otherwise make material available without the Company’s written consent.

Member information at registration

In cases where functionality on the websites requires registration, it is of the utmost importance that you do not give out your username and password to unauthorized persons and at all times check that unauthorized persons cannot use the information you have entered in your registration. This is because you as a user are personally responsible for everything that is written and ordered in connection with the registration you have created. Therefore, do not forget to log out when you leave the computer and be careful if you use auto-login, for example.

The company reserves the right to refuse the use of and to remove inappropriate and offensive usernames.

In cases where functionality takes place in collaboration with external suppliers, it may in these cases mean that previously registered information for any of the Company’s websites cannot be used. Then the partner’s membership routines apply. Functionality that takes place in collaboration with external suppliers can mean the following, but also other forms of collaboration – technical or commercial – that relate to how the websites’ services work: syndication of program code via RSS (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication), XML (Extensible Markup Language), so-called iFrames or similar so-called web feeds which means that content or services from an external supplier are presented integrated via a website from the Company, so-called syndication of content.

Personal information

The company complies with all the laws and regulations, including the Personal Data Act (1998: 204) (PUL), which exist to protect the privacy of private individuals. By registering on one of the Company’s websites or via another communication channel, you register your personal data, and at the same time you give your consent for your data to be processed as described under this heading.

The company’s membership register with personal information, obtained from the websites or otherwise, is confidential. The information you as a user of the websites have given us, such as contact information and other personal information, will not be used in any other way than to give you access to information and services from newspapers or companies within the Company or from third parties approved by the Company.

To change your information, contact customer service via the contact form on this site or at the address or telephone number below.

(Company information)

We use your personal information to fulfill commitments, manage subscriptions, customer relationships, marketing and direct marketing both postally and digitally. Supplementation by obtaining from and co-ordinating with other private and public registers when, for example, updating address information may take place.

The personal data may be disclosed to other companies or partners approved by the Company for necessary processing on behalf of the Company, for example in connection with printing and distribution or for marketing. In case of suspicion of crime, personal data is disclosed to the police and other relevant authorities. Your personal information is never passed on without a confidentiality agreement.

Deletion of membership information

As a user of the Company’s websites, you as a user can revoke your consent at any time. You can do this by contacting customer service via the contact form on this site or at the address or telephone number below. Your personal data will then be deleted from the company’s register. In the event of revoked consent, you will not be able to continue using some of the Company’s services.

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The company can not be held liable for damages that are directly or indirectly caused by you as a user using our websites. The company makes no guarantees regarding availability or function.

The company can not be held responsible for the legality of the content of the websites we link to from our websites. Nor can we guarantee that published links will work.

Nor can the Company be held liable for any kind of loss that is related to your use of the content on the websites operated by the Company. This disclaimer covers both direct and indirect losses and includes losses caused by operational disruptions, by the websites not being available, by the fact that the information presented in some cases is incorrect and the like.

The company disclaims responsibility for the membership register in the event of sabotage / data breach or other external influence that is beyond our control or an event that is to be regarded as force majeure.

The company’s websites are aimed at the Swedish market and must therefore be assessed in accordance with Swedish law. Any users outside Sweden’s borders are themselves responsible for ensuring that the rules, laws and regulations contained therein are complied with.