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If you’re looking to buy email lists to consumers within certain market segments there’s a lot of companies to choose from who claim they deliver this data so be careful! When buying email lists to consumers you must make sure that you’re buying your data from a reputable company who complies with all the regulations when it comes to retrieving, handling and selling this data. Otherwise you might be the one getting in trouble!

When we deliver email lists to consumers to our customers you can be sure that the email addresses that you buy are always fresh since they come with a guarantee of 95% delivery rate!

We work with official sources and reputable partners when we create our email lists to consumers and we have the possibility to also deliver data such as mobile phone numbers, postal addresses and similar depending on your needs.

To buy email lists to consumers

When you’re going to buy email lists to consumers for your email marketing campaigns you must understand that its not lawful to simply gather email addresses to private individuals and start sending emails to these addresses. Such behavior could result in serious penalties and even jail so you must avoid this!

In order for you to be able to buy email lists to consumers we are required to launch so called “opt-in campaigns” so that your specific company receives an approval from each unique individual that they are fine with receiving emails from you. We work across multiple channels and have a lot of big data at hand to accomplish this in various ways but the important thing for you to get is a so called “time stamp” as well as “opt in URL” that shows the exact time and on what website URL this person granted their approval to your company. This information is vital for your company to have at hand if someone would question why they are receiving emails from you.

So, if you’re looking for a serious partner who can deliver emails to consumers with both quality and quantity, feel free to contact us today with your inquiry and we would be happy to provide you more information and a free quote.


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