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Purchase a medical email list of doctors and health professionals to find and connect with them based on specialty. When you purchase a verified medical doctor list by specialty, you can email doctors and those who would be interested in your service. Connect using a pre-built, accurate healthcare email database, including addresses and phone numbers. As an all-in-one solution, our affordable healthcare email lists serve as a healthcare email database for better B2B email marketing and as your doctor mailing list for sending letters or samples. Buy a medical contact list and find sales leads today!

At we only deliver high quality, GDPR compliant email lists with 95% delivery rate guarantee on every order.

We are a proud data partner to some of the biggest companies in Sweden and we are always looking for long term clients. We would dare to say that we are able to deliver most and highest quality emails to companies, decision makers, consumers and leads compared to any other company out there.

Try us out today and remember that with our zero risk approach (meaning you will either get credits or new email addresses for non working ones) you have nothing to loose!

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