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Why you should always buy addresses to your direct mail campaigns at

There are many companies that provide address lists for direct mail campaigns is the only online provider (as far as we know) that can provide high quality verified addresses to companies and decision makers in over 110 countries. In addition to the large number of addresses that we have access to, we also have the opportunity to link each individual contact to specific data points so that our customers can reach as specific a target group as possible. For example. we have the opportunity to provide address lists for companies, consumers, organizations and associations globally.

When it comes to companies, we can sort out phone numbers, addresses and email addresses on industry codes (SNI/SIC), geography, turnover, number of employees and also more than 500 titles of decision makers which is relatively unique and very powerful.

In the USA and other countries there are similar code systems and we dare to say that can provide the most and best addresses for direct mail campaigns compared to our competitors. Try us today and with our unique quality guarantee, you have nothing to lose by ordering your next address list from us!

Direct mail campaigns to consumers

If you are going to launch a direct mail campaign targeting private individuals, is definitely your best partner! We have the opportunity to provide verified addresses to consumers on several different data points such as gender, age, type of housing, income, relationship, interests, etc.

When we deliver addresses to private individuals, you can be sure that the addresses you buy are always up to date because we work with a variety of sources, including SPAR (Statens Person Adress Register) for Swedish data. SPAR is the basis for most of our addresses to private individuals within Sweden, but we also have a dozen data points in addition to what we can obtain from SPAR such as email addresses, mobile numbers, phone numbers and the like.

We also have the opportunity to deliver email lists to companies as well as consumers upon request. No matter what your target audience is, we can help you find email addresses to your target audience around the world and also send out emails to them in a way that ensures that as many as possible reach and are opened by the recipients. Each e-mail address is delivered together with current company information, key figures, decision makers’ titles, etc. Of course, we only deliver verified e-mail addresses to companies that are always processed according to the GDPR.


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