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There are many companies and lead generation services out there that sells leads but is the only online player (as far as we know) that can deliver high quality leads to consumers and decision makers in over 110 countries. We also have the opportunity to link each individual lead to specific data points so that our customers can reach as specific a target group as possible.

To think about when buying leads

There are some things that are very important to keep in mind when buying leads. First of all, you must of course know what your optimal target group is so that the lead supplier that you choose to buy from can generate the right kind of leads. It doesn’t matter if you get a lot of high quality data if the target audience is not right for your purpose.

The second thing you need to keep in mind when buying leads is what information you REALLY need to receive in order to have a “qualified lead” generated. Of course we all want as much information as possible about our prospects but you have to ask yourself what data is really necessary for your purpose at this stage. Perhaps it’s enough to only collect one e-mail address for each lead within the framework of your target audience or is it vital to have more information such as address, phone number, date of birth etc.? At we can deliver basically everything you need, but the amount of data points you want determines the price per lead together with the volume of data you want to buy.

The third important thing to keep in mind is what budget you want to set aside for your leads. The larger the volume of leads you buy, the less each lead costs.

Finally. How much does it cost to buy leads? Well that basically depends on three things:

  1. Your target group – how niche it is and how difficult it is to reach.
  2. What information you need per lead – the more info, the more expensive each lead will be.
  3. The volume – how many leads you want to buy.

All this determines the price per lead and together we go through your wishes and needs and develop a good strategy to be able to deliver exactly the leads that will contribute the most to your company’s success.

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